• Beauty & Cosmetics

    The Beauty & Cosmetics segment will showcase the latest trends through a range of beauty products in Skin-care, Personal Care, Make-Up, Color Cosmetics, Perfume and Accessories, alongside with beauty suppliers of the Ingredient and Raw Material sectors.

    In August 2010, the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) countries approved a USD 290 billion plan to develop infrastructure in the region, including 700 project involving airports which relates to the increase in many... read more


  • Spa & Well-Being

    The Spa & Well-being segment will provide the most innovative and diversified offer in Spa & Wellness facilities, Spa products and Equipments.

    Exclusive !  The 3rd edition of World Spa & Well-being Convention (WSWC) will be held in conjunction with BEYOND BEAUTY ASEAN – BANGKOK 2014,  an established event of the Thai Spa Association (TSPA). Their expertise and network will be a real added-value to the Spa & Well-being segment... read more


  • Herb & Supplement

    The Herb and Supplement segment will showcase Herbal Products and Ingredients, Natural Health Products, Herbal Extracts and Health Supplements.

    Be a step ahead of the latest health innovations, solutions and remedies. Exchange views with hundred of visitors on herbal usage and new ingredients.

    Major export countries of Thai herbal products are: •  Japan •  India •  Hong Kong •  Singapore •  Middle East •  USA •  China...  read more

    Export of herbal extracts account for about $9.38-$12.5 million a year.

    Major exhibit profile include products and equipment on Health and Herbal, test and inspection equipment health and therapy, seed produces and dealers, bio fertilizers producers, and more.

  • Hair & Nail

    The Hair & Nail segment is the platform for all Professional Care Products, Equipments and Solutions for Hair and Beauty salons, Wigs and Hair- pieces, Decorative & Promotional materials,Training institutes, Hair & Nail Products, Manufacturers and Institutions.

    Join various workshops to discover the new technologies and innovations of the hair & nail industry.

    Thailand is one of the top 5 hair... read more

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BEYOND BEAUTY EVENTS is one of the leading beauty events’ organizer globally.

BEYOND BEAUTY ASEAN – BANGKOK 2014 is the newly created event aimed at the ASEAN market. This first edition will benefit from all the expertise, know-how and connections of its European & Asian counterparts. This « one stop trade show » brings you the full spectrum of the beauty industry in one prime key growing business hub – Bangkok.

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