• Beauty & Cosmetics

    The Beauty & Cosmetics segment will showcase the latest trends through a range of beauty products in Skin-care, Personal Care, Make-Up, Color Cosmetics, Perfume and Accessories, alongside with beauty suppliers of the Ingredient and Raw Material sectors.

    In August 2010, the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) countries approved a USD 290 billion plan to develop infrastructure in the region, including 700 project involving airports which relates to the increase in many... read more


  • Spa & Well-Being

    The Spa & Well-being segment will provide the most innovative and diversified offer in Spa & Wellness facilities, Spa products and Equipments.

    Exclusive !  The 3rd edition of World Spa & Well-being Convention (WSWC) will be held in conjunction with BEYOND BEAUTY ASEAN – BANGKOK 2014,  an established event of the Thai Spa Association (TSPA). Their expertise and network will be a real added-value to the Spa & Well-being segment... read more


  • Herb & Supplement

    The Herb and Supplement segment will showcase Herbal Products and Ingredients, Natural Health Products, Herbal Extracts and Health Supplements.

    Be a step ahead of the latest health innovations, solutions and remedies. Exchange views with hundred of visitors on herbal usage and new ingredients.

    Major export countries of Thai herbal products are: •  Japan •  India •  Hong Kong •  Singapore •  Middle East •  USA •  China...  read more

    Export of herbal extracts account for about $9.38-$12.5 million a year.

    Major exhibit profile include products and equipment on Health and Herbal, test and inspection equipment health and therapy, seed produces and dealers, bio fertilizers producers, and more.

  • Hair & Nail

    The Hair & Nail segment is the platform for all Professional Care Products, Equipments and Solutions for Hair and Beauty salons, Wigs and Hair- pieces, Decorative & Promotional materials,Training institutes, Hair & Nail Products, Manufacturers and Institutions.

    Join various workshops to discover the new technologies and innovations of the hair & nail industry.

    Thailand is one of the top 5 hair... read more

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BEYOND BEAUTY EVENTS is one of the leading beauty events’ organizer globally.

BEYOND BEAUTY ASEAN – BANGKOK 2014 is the newly created event aimed at the ASEAN market. This first edition will benefit from all the expertise, know-how and connections of its European & Asian counterparts. This « one stop trade show » brings you the full spectrum of the beauty industry in one prime key growing business hub – Bangkok.

Be part of this unique Event!
Why you should exhibit on Beyond Beauty ASEAN - Bangkok 2014
The renowned Beauty Challenger Awards competition and the ZOOM exhibition area, launched on Beyond Beauty Paris in 2003, will be exported to Bangkok for the 1st edition of Beyond Beauty Asean – Bangkok 2014.